MNF Online Trail Map

Displayed here is the Monongahela National Forest trail network. The kml data for this map was introduced in another post, here. The data definitely contains numerous inaccuracies and the tedious process of making corrections will be ongoing. If you notice specific errors in the data, you can post a comment or drop me an email and I will endeavor to Read More …

MNF Trail Network KML for Google Earth

This dataset of the Monongahela National Forest Trails (also includes West Virginia State Forest Trails and Greenbrier River Trail) is based on GIS data available through the WV GIS Technical Center. It has been converted to KML and edited to include trail names, numbers, and comment info (as available). The Monongahela NF trails data can be downloaded and displayed with Read More …

GWNF: Locust Springs – Laurel Fork Backpack Trails

Topo map of the George Washington National Forest trail network along the Laurel Fork in Virginia created with TOPO! National Geographic USGS Topographic Maps (Mid-Atlantic).  This area is accessed from Locust Springs Picnic Area and forest roads southeast of WV 28 and the Pocahontas – Pendleton county line.

Allegheny Trail (#701) on Google Maps

Allegheny Trail kml is based on the Monongahela National Forest trails data. The number of vertices (and level of detail) in the file has been reduced for display on Google Maps. Accuracy is probably around 200’+/-. Also worth noting are route changes that are detailed on the West Virginia Scenic Trails Association website. This map doesn’t reflect those reroutes.

Snowshoe Mountain Backcountry Trail Map – Hiking and Cross Country

A newer version of the hiking/cross-country map is available here. Snowshoe Mountain’s cross country mountain biking and hiking trails feature dozens of miles of trail on terrain that varies from two-track dirt lanes to intimate single track with attention keeping rocks and roots.  Mountain bikers and hikers have a multitude of options for loop routes will that suit any ability.